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Birth control

Dec 06, 1996 03:23 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <199612061720.MAA25102@beasley>, "Ann E. Bermingham"
<> writes
>Being a practical person that came from a family of little material means,
>my first
>reponse was one of economics.  Some of the people that lived nearby in my
>neighborhood had five children sleeping in one bedroom.  Ninety-nine
>percent of the
>girls graduating from my high school did not go to college.  The value of
>planning in terms of being able to support and nurture children properly is
>first in my mind, rather than the luxury of considering how it effects
>one's spiritual path.  Sorry, but this is my background.

Don't you think that the very circumstance you describe, while indeed
important in an economic (and compassionate) sense, very much affects
the potential for spiritual growth of the children concerned?  And the
parents?  If all there is time for is trying to figure out where the
next dollar is coming from is at the top of the priority list, then
"spiritual growth" comes a long way down.  High-flying ideals don't fill
hungry bellies.

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