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Re: Caring

Dec 06, 1996 03:17 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <19961206160402.AAD28899@LOCALNAME>, Tom Robertson
<> writes (quoting me >>)
>>People act when they CARE, not when they reason.  Emotion is a great
>>stength - we just have to careful how we use it.
>Caring is a function of the intuition, not of emotion.  Emotions may or may
>not also be there, but I define loss of self-control as putting emotion
>first, which _is_ a human weakness.  Compassion is not a feeling, but an

Define intuition
Define emotion
Define compassion

Clearly you are on a different planet from most of us on the list, so if
there is to be any kind of *sensible* discussion, then we must begin by
defining our terms.  If you are using the above words as I have
understood them for some 50 years, then you are either talking crap or
you are a very sick person.

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