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A man will .....

Dec 06, 1996 03:30 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

A brilliant post!  I trust everyone will forgive me for repeating some
of it!  I hope April will join us in Theosophy International, where
truth is free and equal for all, and no one can dominate anyone.


In message <>, April Joy <>
>Men will accuse a woman of cheating but if you really look into it
>usually the man was cheating and then accused the woman of it out to
>make the woman the guilty party.
>A man's best friend rapes his wife/girlfriend. He dumps the
>wife/girlfriend for having sex with his friend and keeps the friend. Not
>very rational.
>A man will get up in the morning yelling and screaming at his family for
>hours because he was grumpy from staying late the night before partying
>with the guys. Not very rational.
>A man will get angry with another man for a small slight and end up in a
>ball room brawl. Not very rational.
>A man will oogle woman and make cheap remarks and explode if their
>girlfriend does the same about men. Not very rational.
>A man will refuse to take care of his kids and abandon them because he
>doesn't want the responsibility and continue to have sex with other
>women unprotected. Not very rational.
>A man will yell at his wife for the bills and go buy a new car they
>can't afford. Not very rational.
>A man will go party over the weekend and then get upset that his wife
>want's to go have a girls day out. Not very rational.
>A man will get angry when a woman will not give her itinerary for her
>day and explode if she dares to ask about his day. Not very rational.
>A man will cheat on his wife, come home smelling of perfume, lipstick on
>his collar and expect his wife not to notice or believe she hasn't the
>right to question him about it. Not very rational.
>I can go on, but I won't.
>Men have their share of irrational moments, but these moments usually
>end up in a woman getting pysically abused, or dead.
>April Joy

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