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Re: THEOS-L digest 747

Dec 06, 1996 11:44 AM
by April Joy

> Bart Lidofsky <> wrote:
> It is natural for men to dominate women, since they are stronger,
> both physically and volitionally.  Most women want this, preferring
> men to be the leaders.  "Exploitation" has negative connotations of
> injustice, which is distinct from domination.

First of all most women *do not want* to be dominated by a man, that is
a myth made up by men. For a while this myth was force fed to woman
from child hood to adulthood. Then women grew up and
realized this wasn't true. Women are capable of making logial decisions.
Women are strong and capable of taking care of ourselves physically,

Domination by anyone ultimately leads to injustice. Dominations of
blacks led to slavery. Domination of children led to child slavery in
the industrial revolution and in early times in history.
Domination of women led to abuse by husbands, fathers, brothers,
churches, and the legal system. Male domination resulted in women not
having the right to their children, their homes, their money, their
bodies, their religion and their own minds.  Women were locked in insane
asylums based solely on the word of a husband some were even
lobotimized. Why? to get rid of a wife and get a new one, or to be able
to fool around with out a wife to be worried about. Women were allowed
to be beaten within an inch of their lives. Domination of women by men
led to injustice to women and ultimately to abuses ranging from false
imprisonment, to sexual abuse, to murder.

Sexism is based on a belief that one Gender has the right to dominate
another due to myths that one Gender is somehow superior to the other.

> I do not understand what it means to think emotionally.  I do not
> regard your question as very difficult, since I would choose a leader
> who acted as a result of thinking logically over one who acted
> emotionally without hesitation.  That is one reason why men are
> leaders, since they do this better than women do.  I would not want to
> count on an emotional leader to win a war for me.

Having emotion means that you are capable of feeling compassion and
deciding if the results of an action is reasonable. Logic only gets you
so far in life, emotion helps soften Logic so that decisions are just.

Women today are starting to grow out of this I cry when I don't get what
I want. The reason women had this mentality in the first place is
because men worked hard to have women believe they were childlike.
 Women then acted in some cases like children, crying and whining and
simpering to get the men who had legal rights over them to do something
for them.Along with that teaching came the force fed belief that we were
irrational, unintelligent, therefore schooling was wasted on women.
Basically for centuries we were brainwashed to believe we were incapable
of rational thought. We were also brainwashed to believe we were
physcially frail making women believe they must give-in om a  phsycially
assaulted instead of fighting.

Women have moved past centuries of brainwashing and realized that we are
capable, logical, intelligent people. We now go to school, have jobs,
own property and even defend ourselves against attacks. We are moving up
into politics, business and foreign affairs. We are learning that our
lives do not end and begin with our husbands and children. That we are
seperate individuals that have rights to life, liberty and justice.

Furthermore feminine emotions is womans greatest strength. Women have
the ability to release anger, hatred, fear, love, with one good cry.
Then get on with there lives. While men tend to hold on to the emotion
until they snap or die of dieseases brought on by unreleased emotion.
Having emotion means women tend to care more deeply for people around
them and are more inclined to not hurt others. While men see hurting
people as a sign of strength. Women see it as a sign of a sick
individual. Macho males don't care about anything but themselves and
their own pleasures.

Most women  care about the world around them and how their actions
affect that world. They are more compassionate. Women are less likely to
commit murder, sexual abuse, physcial abuse. Women are less likely to
start wars. Men are more likely to commit murder, rape, physically and
sexually abuse another. They tend to steal and destroy other peoples
property. Men are more apt to believe war is the final solution while
women would seek other alternatives.

Women in general are more peaceful than men but that doesn't make women
less intelligent or less capable.

>In many cases, it is true.  PMS and irrationality are correlated.

At least once a month women have an excuse for our irrationality, so
what is man's excucs for their irrational behavior. You know what it is

Men will accuse a woman of cheating but if you really look into it
usually the man was cheating and then accused the woman of it out to
make the woman the guilty party.

A man's best friend rapes his wife/girlfriend. He dumps the
wife/girlfriend for having sex with his friend and keeps the friend. Not
very rational.

A man will get up in the morning yelling and screaming at his family for
hours because he was grumpy from staying late the night before partying
with the guys. Not very rational.

A man will get angry with another man for a small slight and end up in a
ball room brawl. Not very rational.

A man will oogle woman and make cheap remarks and explode if their
girlfriend does the same about men. Not very rational.

A man will refuse to take care of his kids and abandon them because he
doesn't want the responsibility and continue to have sex with other
women unprotected. Not very rational.

A man will yell at his wife for the bills and go buy a new car they
can't afford. Not very rational.

A man will go party over the weekend and then get upset that his wife
want's to go have a girls day out. Not very rational.

A man will get angry when a woman will not give her itinerary for her
day and explode if she dares to ask about his day. Not very rational.

A man will cheat on his wife, come home smelling of perfume, lipstick on
his collar and expect his wife not to notice or believe she hasn't the
right to question him about it. Not very rational.

I can go on, but I won't.

Men have their share of irrational moments, but these moments usually
end up in a woman getting pysically abused, or dead.

April Joy

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