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Re: A compilation on sex

Dec 03, 1996 03:37 PM
by Drpsionic

Well, the proliferation of birth control has been the single greatest
liberating factor the human soul has experienced in a long time.  It makes
sex magick much less worrisome because it is possible to work strictly with
the energies involved without the worry about a magickal child appearing
fogging up the concentration.  And as far as the broader culture, that group
of sane people who know better than to make the same mistake we did and get
involved with this spiritual stuff (which seems to cause brain rot in so many
people) it allows intimacy without fear and thus the realization that the
only real purpose of sex, aside from it's magickal uses, is having fun and if
nature doesn't like it, screw it.

The constant bombardment of sexual imagery is also a good thing.  Aside from
the joy of knowing that it drives the pope nuts and probably has poor, crazy
Alice Bailey spinning in her urn, it keeps the energy pot stirring and has
given us one of the most creative and interesting periods in western history
since the Restoration.

Chuck the Heretic

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