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Re: A compilation on sex

Dec 04, 1996 08:41 AM
by Art House

>As mentioned in the book, birth control is unnecessary and focusses
>us in the wrong direction.  The idea is that the sex impulse be used
>cyclically and transmuted to higher creativity except as needed for
>bringing children into the world.

Gee, since I plan to have only two kids in this lifetime, I need to take
up some furious knitting.  Bring out the whip cream!

>Well, the proliferation of birth control has been the single greatest
>liberating factor the human soul has experienced in a long time.  It makes
>sex magick much less worrisome because it is possible to work strictly with
>the energies involved without the worry about a magickal child appearing
>fogging up the concentration.  And as far as the broader culture, that group
>of sane people who know better than to make the same mistake we did and get
>involved with this spiritual stuff (which seems to cause brain rot in so many
>people) it allows intimacy without fear and thus the realization that the
>only real purpose of sex, aside from it's magickal uses, is having fun and if
>nature doesn't like it, screw it.

Like anything that is in a gray zone, the key is mindfulness.  Sure,
birth control is necessary for the prevention of unwanted births and for
allowing greater intimacy between man and woman.  However, the function
of sex is for bringing children into the world, and sexual desire exists
to push us to do the nasty.  Therefore, sexual desire is a secondary
factor in nature.  Loveless sex and addictive sex are of nothing but
purely base nature.  It's like eating cake.  Do I need cake if I have
other nourishment?  No.  But I gotta have it.  It's no sin to eat it.
I'd rather take the cake, admire it's creamy texture, think of the hard
work and finese involved in making the cake, take a slow bite into the
sweet texture, and be thankful that I have such a delicious cake to
eat.  Of course, whip cream on top would be nice.  However, instead of
taking a piece of cake, I take a whole cake, or maybe even two or more,
and stuff myself silly all day long, without even really pausing to
taste it, then I am no longer mindful and I am with an awful belly ache.

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