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Re: A compilation on sex

Dec 03, 1996 08:16 AM
by Patrick Alessandra Jr.

> The book also stated repeatedly that the "solution to the problem of
> sex" would be ...  a while in coming (no fun intended!)

     Also, there is a quote that the next two generations (after WWII)
would be able to solve the problem.  We're working...

> What do you think the proliferation of birth control methods has done to
> stimulate our cultural attitudes towards sex and what effect do these
> attitudes have on our psyche as spiritual aspirants?

     As mentioned in the book, birth control is unnecessary and focusses
us in the wrong direction.  The idea is that the sex impulse be used
cyclically and transmuted to higher creativity except as needed for
bringing children into the world.

> How does the near constant presence of sexually stimulating content in
> our culture at large affect our ability to perceive ourselves and each
> other?

     Makes everyone mis-identify their own needs.

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