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Re: A compilation on sex

Dec 03, 1996 02:15 AM
by Art House

Patrick wrote:

>Also, for those who study A. Bailey's writings, the book "A
>Compilation on Sex" provides a thorough assessment of the issues
>surrounding this subject.

I was wondering if anybody was going to mention this little volume. I
know that it has helped me a lot with my inquiries into the subject of

I however cannot completely agree with Patrick that the purpose of sex
can be so simplistically put. By the time I got done with that book my
head had expanded so much that I'll never look at sex quite the same way

>From my read, the "compilation" spoke of so many more dimensions and
correspondences to "sex" that took it out of the merely human arena to
the point where it becomes the cosmic "purpose" of the divine itself. No
wonder the mystics call it "bliss!"

The book also stated repeatedly that the "solution to the problem of
sex" would be ...  a while in coming (no fun intended!)

I have a few general questions though:

What do you think the proliferation of birth control methods has done to
stimulate our cultural attitudes towards sex and what effect do these
attitudes have on our psyche as spiritual aspirants?

How does the near constant presence of sexually stimulating content in
our culture at large affect our ability to perceive ourselves and each


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