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Re: to Bart, RE: AAB (4B's)

Oct 28, 1996 07:47 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Ann E. Bermingham wrote:
> ----------
> > From: Bart Lidofsky <>
> > Jim Meier wrote:
> > > Of the 24 volumes and 10,861 pages of esoteric philosophy by Alice A.
> > > Bailey, homosexuality is mentioned only 4 times; this is a *very* minor
> > > issue in the series of teachings.
> >
> >       However, when I opened a couple of volumes at random, that was one of
> > the first two things I saw. If you had a Jewish brother-in-law, and
> > opened up a series of esoteric books, and the first thing you saw was
> > how Hitler was correct in slaughtering the Jews, would you go much
> > farther?
> That's entirely up to the reader.  There are so many books and so
> much material that I imagine any number of people could be offended.
> Christians would be offended by the idea that Jesus was not
> considered a personal savior.  Jews and any number of other ethnic
> groups mind be offended by some passages.  There are several
> nasty comments on TS.  Whoever was writing it called it as they saw it.
> Unvarnished and quite similar to some of the posts that grace this
> mailing list.


> If you or anyone else get their spiritual nourishment from other
> sources, that's terriffic.  Leave alone what doesn't do it for
> you.

	If you recall, what I said in the first place was something on the
order of that Alice Bailey had a lot to offer, but not for me
personally, because of my prejudices created by a couple of her
attitudes. I was then blasted for daring to take exception to these

	Bart Lidofsky

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