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Re: to Bart, RE: AAB (4B's)

Oct 28, 1996 05:24 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: Bart Lidofsky <>
> Jim Meier wrote:
> > Of the 24 volumes and 10,861 pages of esoteric philosophy by Alice A.
> > Bailey, homosexuality is mentioned only 4 times; this is a *very* minor
> > issue in the series of teachings.
> 	However, when I opened a couple of volumes at random, that was one of
> the first two things I saw. If you had a Jewish brother-in-law, and
> opened up a series of esoteric books, and the first thing you saw was
> how Hitler was correct in slaughtering the Jews, would you go much
> farther?

That's entirely up to the reader.  There are so many books and so
much material that I imagine any number of people could be offended.
Christians would be offended by the idea that Jesus was not
considered a personal savior.  Jews and any number of other ethnic
groups mind be offended by some passages.  There are several
nasty comments on TS.  Whoever was writing it called it as they saw it.
Unvarnished and quite similar to some of the posts that grace this
mailing list.

Why do I have thirteen blue volumes and have read them for over
twenty years?  Because I consider them the most value writings in
terms of my own spiritual path.  There are things I found in those
books that I could find no where else - even in traditional Theosophical
literature. Unless wasn't looking hard enough!

At any rate, they were there for me when I needed them and I
appreciate the work that went into them, unvarnished as it is.

If you or anyone else get their spiritual nourishment from other
sources, that's terriffic.  Leave alone what doesn't do it for

-Ann E. Bermingham

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