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Re: to Bart, RE: AAB (4B's)

Oct 29, 1996 05:39 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> 	If you recall, what I said in the first place was something on the
> order of that Alice Bailey had a lot to offer, but not for me
> personally, because of my prejudices created by a couple of her
> attitudes. I was then blasted for daring to take exception to these
> attitudes.

Think about it this way.  Your commentary lit some fire directly
under those who value the Bailey works - it was negative
commentary that got our hackles up.

It's a psychological defense to protect the material one believes
in - because we believe in it, we want to think it is good.  Maybe
good to the last drop, whether it is or not.

Speaking of blasting (KABOOM!), it seems to be a way of life on
this list.  Sort of a way for people to exercise their cybermuscles,

-Ann E. Bermingham

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