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Re: Ingrained Rivulets

Oct 27, 1996 03:11 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From:
> Yes,
> What are these idiots who think that people will bother to write when
> can't make any money for it going to do when the supply of ideas dries up
> because no one has any desire to write them down.
> If we want to keep the supply of new literature coming, then we damn well
> better make sure that there is money coming to those who do it.

As long as some money-hungry individual thinks he can put on a show
for the least amount of pay given writers, the American public
will continue to be bombarded with inane books, television shows and

Old television shows (The Brady Bunch) are made into movies
and new television shows are made from a movie (Clueless).
While probably thousands of eager script writers try to peddle their
masterpieces, the producers and studio executives look for something
"safe" and already proven to make them money.  To hell with new ideas
and culture, when they stand to make millions.

Romance novels are writen by a strict formula and are cranked out by the
ending up in garage sales.  Cindy Crawford can "write" a book about
make-up and have throngs running to the book store to see her sign it.
Zillions of celebrities are signed for books, even if they are illiterate,
to get their name on the book cover.  While many writers, with real
ideas, probably go into the computer field to survive.

And as for books being made into movies, this is what Tom
Clancy had to say:  "Selling your book to Hollywood is like
giving your daughter to a pimp."  How many good and best-
selling books have been thrown into the Hollywood studio
blender and came out as pap for the masses.  Minus most
of the original ideas and meaning.

As for TV, all you have to do is look at the talk shows there.
No actors, script, costumes and little production costs.
Lots of viewers who will watch other people's troubles.  The
guests get $500, a room at a hotel and limo rides.

When will writers get paid what they are worth?  When
the culture as a whole values ideas over the easy buck.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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