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Re: to Bart, RE: AAB (4B's)

Oct 27, 1996 02:52 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: Jim Meier <>
> Hi Bart --
> Since your 11 October posting describing the AAB writings as racist and
> homophobic, I have been curious as to the references that gave you those
> impressions.
> The passage in Esoteric Healing (Vol. IV of A Treatise on the Seven Rays)
> page 63 that you quote makes reference to "ancient and evil habits"
> not "evil men" [Bart].  That's quite a difference, imo.
> Of the 24 volumes and 10,861 pages of esoteric philosophy by Alice A.
> Bailey, homosexuality is mentioned only 4 times; this is a *very* minor
> issue in the series of teachings.

Esoteric Healing is the one volume I've had the most difficulty
I read the passages that Bart referred to with a question mark.  Having no
memory of Lemuria, or a lot of other things, I've made no particular
judgement as to whether it is wrong or right.  I believe it is one of those
things that are food for thought.  How the Master may have seen the issue
then, from his perspective, and how he would deal with the problem so many
years later is another question.

While my reaction was fairly neutral to the passage, I suspect it hit
buttons.  He then decided that all the Bailey material was not worth
his time.  Bart has been quick to anger since he began posting and he
may also be sensitive to any material that has any negative content
about homosexuality.

Thanks for your post,
-Ann E. Bermingham

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