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Re: we are all equals

Oct 21, 1996 09:17 PM
by CDGertrude

> ----------
> > From: John Straughn <>
> > The pinching doesn't necessarily have to do with the world view of women,
> but
> > the view of the pincher. And it doesn't have to do with gender so much
> > either.  It has more to do with sexual orientation.  I have read articles
> > where gay men have piched other men in the office environment.  Gender is
> > obviously not the case here.
> Equal opportunity pinching?  Perhaps what we're really talking about here
> is feeling that the pincher gets from having having *power* over the
> pinchee, who is being pinched without her/his permission or consent.
> -Ann E. Bermingham

I agree with Ann.  To me, getting pinched, etc. without my
extremely annoying.  And the part is the lack of consent........
I know that if I am out...with my special friend....that I might get a sign of affection.  That's ok.  But if someone else
does it, Katie bar the door!
Gertrude the Churchmouse

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