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Regarding Masculine Connotation

Oct 21, 1996 09:48 PM
by kymsmith

Sorry, Mr. Johnson, but this "stick-in-the-mud" has to say that she doesn't
like 'fellowship' either.

"Fellowship" could be "kinship" or even "friendship" (in the way it is used
in the sentence [Theosophical World View] either could work)

"Brotherhood" simply needs to be done away with.

Regarding the statment "To form a nucleus of the universal brotherhood of
humanity" ideas could include:

"To form a nucleus of the universal body of humanity"

"To form a nucleus of the universal whole of humanity"

"To form a nucleus of the universal society of humanity"

The point is, whether these are satisfactory or not, it is quite possible to
come up with something that will speak to everyone.  I am amazed, with the
vastness of our language, that Theosophists can't seem to come up with such
a word. . .most of us claiming to be scholars and all. . .

The Theosophical Society in America, or its president - John Algeo, is
simply reflecting the fundamentalism, yes that word again, which threatens
to tear us apart. There is a negative dissension in the ranks that need not
be there, so easily would it be eliminated, yet. . .Either we should accept
the terms or we are egomaniacs, or worse, we are somehow blackening a sacred
and time-honored verbiage handed down by Masters.

Honestly, sometimes, as a woman, I think the Theosophical Society doesn't
really give a damn.


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