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AAB - Sex & Our Times

Oct 14, 1996 07:20 AM
by Patrick Alessandra Jr.

AAB's writings on this subject are very wide-ranging but she does
state that the causes of homosexuality (and many sex issues) are from
very ancient processes, homosexuality itself began millions of years ago
in "Lemuria."  During those times one of the goals for human evolution
was to *get* people to have sexual urges so as to reproduce and learn to
have families.  Given our imperfect planetary karma and human choices
there was an overstimulation of the whole sex realm leading to all sorts
of unplanned and unneeded expressions of that type of energy and

     Many today are born with the same strong tendencies that they
experienced millions of years ago, which have not yet healed, and these
have a very strong, almost irrestible, imprint on their lives.
Interestingly, she also writes that it is the more evolved of humanity
that bore the greater brunt of the past overstimulation and much of the
difficulty today is that the same more evolved souls with strong
personalities are re-expressing these past tendencies and influencing,
in that direction, many around them.  She also writes that the general
process of healing, of course and as usual, for the whole sex issue, is
a full, active and creative outer life of work and service.  She does
say that the processes from this that we are dealing with today are, yea
hopefully, supposed to be resolved by this generation and the next.

     I have read HPB's and AAB's works thoroughly and find only harmony
in the ideas presented in their teachings. Vocabularies change but the
same truths flow through them all.

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