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Archive texts

Oct 20, 1996 03:06 PM
by Alan

In message <>, writes
>If they are scanned and put on the
>Internet, anyone can access any of them for free and download them. Once
>downloaded, they can be printed in attractive format for hard copy. In
>effect we are looking towards making the classics for free to anyone having
>access to Internet from anywhere in the world. I do not know if you are
>subscribed to theos-l. I just posted a message for feed back on this

Feedback: see URL below - you will find there *now* copies of Esoteric
Buddhism, The Key to Theosophy, The Ocean of Theosophy, and an
increasing number of similar and related texts.  It's not a question of
"If" any more - it has been and is being and will continue to be done.

I have asked on theos-l for texts to be sent to me for upload to the TI
homepage (as it has now become).  Perhaps you would like to direct
people's attention to the existing material, but you appear to be
ignoring what I am sure you must have read on the list.  I only
yesterday announced three more uploads.  To be sure, some of the
material in the growing and *present* archive is not 100% sympathetic to
some people's ideas of theosophy, but as the TS motto is "There is no
religion higher than Truth" then truths which may not fit in to a
particular subsciber's scenario should not be ignored by a true

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