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Re: Electronic archives

Oct 19, 1996 03:32 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

You've probably tried everything already for your arthritis. This guy at 5AM
was selling shark cartilege. But the thing was he said it helped
inflammation. My chiropractor just told me to take 1-2 ounces of Aloe juice
every day, because my intestines are always inflamed. It works. Aloe works
on inflammations. For what it's worth.

Meantime, it looks like I can get my shots at Summerfield. We belong to the
Loretto system (which is a local chain for all sorts of elder care) and
Loretto has a home care service that my Medicare will pay for. I may have to
listen some to preachings about letting Jesus be Lord, from the RN but so be
it. Other than that, she's very nice. I had dealings with her when I was in
the hospital 2 years ago with bronchitis.

I'll try to transmit some of that stuff tomorrow. Some of it has to be
cleaned up, because it has all kinds of silly signs in the middle of it.


>In message <>, "liesel f.
>deutsch" <> writes
>>        Alan,
>>I still have some material on a disk. You said I should put it in myself,
>>but I have no idea as to how to do it, or I would've put it in a long time
>You can send me files by e-mail.  If they are larger than (say) 50K, it
>is best to split the file into smaller ones, and name them (say)
>file1.txt  - file2.txt and so on.
>> I found a whole 500pp book on the internet about doing web pages. As of
>>the moment I'm otherwise occupied. I found out today why I'm dragging so
>>much, & why it's so difficult for me to get up from a seat. My hemoglobin is
>>1/2 of what it should be, because my kindneys aren't making a certain enzyme
>>they should be making. I'm going for a transfusion tomorrow AM, and
>>beginning in 2 weeks I have to get enzyme shots 3 x per week. I'm hoping the
>>insurancde will pay for one of the nurses at Summerfield to do it. Otherwise
>>I have to chase cross town to my doctor's 3 times a week, That means being
>>thus occupied for 3 afternoons a week, because bus tranportation takes that
>Well I really hope the insurance will cover it. It's a nasty business to
>have to bear with.  Our supposedly wonderful Nationa Health Service gets
>worse day by day - one hospital just announced that they will be
>refusing emergency admissions to anyone over 75 .... now that's
>downright evil.
>I hope your treatment goes well and without too much bother.
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