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Re: Internet and Evolutioon

Oct 19, 1996 03:03 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Bee Brown
<> writes
>Things have been said that I
>would never have thought off if left to my own devises so I thank you all
>for a growing time here.

I think this is mutual, Bee.  In fact it is one of the greatest virtues
of the theos lists that we are able to learn from each other, and to see
things from points of view that we may not have otherwise though of - at
least, not so soon.  Theos-l is more than a mailing list, it's an
educational forum from which we all can grow a little faster, and maybe,
one day, provide an kind of electronic "garden" to take joy in.

Mushy stuff this looks like, reading it back.  But I mean it.

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