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Re: Electronic archives

Oct 18, 1996 06:26 PM
by liesel f. deutsch


I still have some material on a disk. You said I should put it in myself,
but I have no idea as to how to do it, or I would've put it in a long time
ago. I found a whole 500pp book on the internet about doing web pages. As of
the moment I'm otherwise occupied. I found out today why I'm dragging so
much, & why it's so difficult for me to get up from a seat. My hemoglobin is
1/2 of what it should be, because my kindneys aren't making a certain enzyme
they should be making. I'm going for a transfusion tomorrow AM, and
beginning in 2 weeks I have to get enzyme shots 3 x per week. I'm hoping the
insurancde will pay for one of the nurses at Summerfield to do it. Otherwise
I have to chase cross town to my doctor's 3 times a week, That means being
thus occupied for 3 afternoons a week, because bus tranportation takes that


>In message <v02130501ae8bfb043df3@[]>, Martin Leiderman
><> writes
>>I think our energies should be devoted to enrich the electronic archives
>>with articles, scanning old books, lectures pamphlets, pictures, etc., so
>>when they are ready to do it in big scale they have it in storage.
>There is still some space left for this in the TI pages and directories
>via the URL below.  Contributions welcome.
>While I think of it, I shall be compressing some of my own material
>which is currently prominent on this URL in order to make more space
>available for the kind of work(s) you mention, so anyone who want my own
>articles in simple form (as they are at present) should download them
>Are any of the list subscribers MAC users, and if so, do you have a
>means of unarchiving PC zip files?
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