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access to alt.theosophy

Oct 18, 1996 04:28 PM
by Martin Euser

For those who want to take a look at alt.theosophy and have trouble
to subscribe to this group I reprint a part of my newage FAQ:

--------------------- begin----------------------------
Rene's newsgateway: for those that can't access newsgroups in the
alt.-hierarchy (like alt.pagan, alt.theosophy, alt.religion.wicca, etc.)
they would like to participate in:
Substitute the name of the newsgroup, eg. alt.pagan, for 'newsgroupname'
after the questionmark [ie, after '.cgi?']

Reading postings should be possible, replying and posting a new
message may not work.

For posting a message to a newsgroup your service-provider doesn't carry,
there's this solution:
E-mail to

Substitute the name of the newsgroup you want to post to for ''


Demon internet has a so-called E-mail to Usenet gateway, that's why
it works.

That procedure will work for many newsgroups, because demon internet
carries a lot of alt-newsgroups. Typically your message is added to the
list of articles in such an alt.newsgroup on demon internet and then
distributed along with  other new postings to news-servers around the world
that carry this particular newsgroup. You may have to be patient, because
it can take a couple of days before your posting is distributed worldwide!



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