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Re: one final thought

Oct 18, 1996 04:37 PM
by Martin Euser

Bart Lidofsky wrote:

>	Going to Theosophy, certainly replacing "Man" with "Humanity" will go a
long way. And if anybody can come up with a non-awkward, non-gender
specific way of saying "the Brotherhood of Humanity", I will support
that person 100% in getting the English version of the Objects changed.

We had a discussion on that a couple of years ago on theos-l.
Liesel suggested: universal Siblinghood (when I recall it right)
and I've used that phrase in my theosophical writings for the internet.
I prefer the word Siblinghood over Brotherhood because it is a term that
is not only gender neutral, but also more accurate, descriptive of the fact
that we hold many things (genes, behaviour, physiological aspects, etc.)
in common with animals and other realms of nature.


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