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Re: Links

Oct 18, 1996 04:17 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

>In message <>, "Ann E. Bermingham"
><> writes
>>I haven't been able to access this page for a while.  I get a "FORBIDDEN"
>>message when I try.
>>I assumed that the page went out of business after the officical TSA page
>>went up.

I checked on the my URL (below the line).  Click on "About Theosophy
International" and when you get the next page, click on TI Web Link.

This takes you to

Then click on "Introduction to Theosophy" and you have found a suggested
pilot version for a TSA page by (I think) Mike Grenier.  This is
probably the page which is no longer reachable from the TSA page (follow
it and you will see why, I suspect).

To save time, go direct to

(Note the "www1" part - it's a figure one, not a letter L.)

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