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Re: The Pledge and the Weekend

Oct 17, 1996 11:16 PM
by Bee Brown

t 12:30 AM 18/10/96 -0400, you wrote:
> wrote:
>> At 09:33 PM 10/15/96 -0400, Bart wrote:
>> >Sy Ginsburg wrote:
>> >> I am silent about T.S.A. and Adyar because the
>> >> expulsion of Denmark by Adyar and the expulsion of Boston by TSA, both
>> >> apparently for putting to much emphasis on the study of the Alice Bailey
>> >> teachings, raises questions for me.
>> >
>> >       I am not familiar with the expulsion of Denmark.
>>         When actions are taken in world over, it is very rare that members
>> outside the affected country knew anything because there is no easy way to
>> communicate between countries and so it is easy to keep them secret from
>> rest of the world.
>	Speaking of which, do you (or does anybody else here) have any idea
>what the business with Pedro in Adyar was? What was the mysterious bylaw
>that Radha used? Did Pedro leave, or was he tossed? If so, then why?
>	Bart Lidofsky
>The way I heard it was that Pedro's wife was unhappy in India and had gone
home to Brazil and that Pedro felt one year away from his family was enough.
Conrad Jamieson, a recent resident from NZ has taken over the job. I would
doubt that he was 'tossed'. Why the negative reasons put forth for his
departure? Does that show a bias? He had his own reasons for going as far as
I understand.
Bee Brown
Member Theosophy NZ, TI.

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