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Re: The Pledge and the Weekend

Oct 17, 1996 06:51 PM
by Bart Lidofsky wrote:
> At 09:33 PM 10/15/96 -0400, Bart wrote:
> >
> >       In terms of your complaints about the new bylaws of the TSA, I see
> >mainly one problem, which I have vociferously maintained should be fixed
> >at the earliest possible opportunity. It is now currently easier for the
> >National Board to dissolve a Lodge than it is for them to expel a
> >member. My recommendation is to require unaminty minus one for the TSA
> >to dissolve a Lodge. Otherwise, the risk/benefit ratio is too badly
> >skewed.
>         Most of us see this and other fundamental problems with the present
> bylaws. All the building blocks are in place to shut down all the lodges and
> transfer all the assets to the Trust and once this is done, no one has to
> answer to any one. While this may not happen with the present set of
> officers, all it needs is a strong narrow minded fundamentalist President
> with a set of meek board members to do it. It would be perfectly legal to do
> it and with the multi-million dollars in the treasury, the board will have
> the wherewithall to pursue any long drawnout expensive legal challenge.

	Not precisely. The funds must be used in the area. To do a mass
takeover, it would require having flunky boards of directors ready in
all the lodges taken over (well, New York, Miami, Seattle, and a couple
of others, to be more precise). Not to say that the situation is not
bad, it is just a different, but equally, bad situation from what you

> It took the Attorney General of California along with a group of friends of
> Krishnaji to sue the Trustees of Krishnamurti Trusts. If this could happen
> to someone like Krishnaji when he was alive and active, just imagine what
> could happen to TSA's assets when (former) members may have no voice or
> basis or money to litigate. The added irony in Krishnaji case was the
> Trustees in turn had the unique honor of suing Krishnaji and his friends.
> Some of the Trustees of the Krishnaji Trusts who were sued were members of
> TS and at least one of them was (later on) an elected/appointed official of TSA.
>         Thought the above information might interest someone.

	It does. Thanks for the info.

	Bart Lidofsky

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