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Re: Boston Lodge Expulsion

Oct 17, 1996 06:59 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Sy Ginsburg wrote:
> The saga of the Boston Lodge is getting to be an old issue, but I do not see how
> it can go away until the officers and directors of TSA address the problem,
> redress whatever wrongs occurred and attempt to bring the Boston Lodge back into
> the fold.   I know of no such efforts at the present time.

	Actually, the REAL problem is, from what I have seen, endemic in the
TSA (as well as many other organizations). Given the choice of actions,
inaction is frequently the result. One major problem with that is that
when there is a conflict with competent people an incompetent people,
the competent people, disgusted at the lack of action, frequently end up
going away, leaving the incompetent behind.

	It is up to the competent people (and I AM including you) who have more
patience to try and move things in another direction, and to see that
problems get fixed rather than ignored.

	Bart Lidofsky

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