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Re: The Pledge and the Weekend

Oct 18, 1996 04:13 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

Bee Brown wrote:

> >       Speaking of which, do you (or does anybody else here) have any idea
> >what the business with Pedro in Adyar was? What was the mysterious bylaw
> >that Radha used? Did Pedro leave, or was he tossed? If so, then why?
> >
> >       Bart Lidofsky
> >
> >The way I heard it was that Pedro's wife was unhappy in India and had gone
> home to Brazil and that Pedro felt one year away from his family was enough.
> Conrad Jamieson, a recent resident from NZ has taken over the job. I would
> doubt that he was 'tossed'. Why the negative reasons put forth for his
> departure? Does that show a bias? He had his own reasons for going as far as
> I understand.

	Because of the rather cryptic way it was announced in The Theosophist;
it simply said something on the order that Radha Burnier excercised some
bylaw to replace Pedro with Conrad. Previously, the buzz had been that
Pedro was being groomed to be the next president of the TS, so it
appeared rather strange. If the announcement had said that, for example,
Pedro was taking a leave of absence, or retired, or something like that,
then there would have been no rumors flying around. As it was, the
notice implied that Pedro was tossed by Radha, personally.

	I had met Pedro, and heard him lecture. He's an extremely intelligent
man, knows his stuff, and is a strong supporter of allowing multiple
points of view. On the podium, he puts out an image that strikes me as
contrastingly authoritarian, but I have been told (and accept) that it
is a matter of cultural differences; American theosophical presenters
tend to qualify using words like, "in my opinion", and "according to
so-and-so", while Indian presenters tend to just present the material,
and uses cues ingrained into Indian culture for qualification. I hope
that if Pedro DOES go back into TS politics, his real personality shows

	Bart Lidofsky

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