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RE: Christmas Humphreys

Oct 17, 1996 02:05 PM
by Kim Poulsen

>Humphreys (that's the correct spelling everybody) drifted away
>from Theosophical Society as it moved more an more towards
>becoming a cult dedicated to the worship of Krishnamurti.  He was
>one of the trustees of the Mahatma Letter Trust and remained
>close to Theosophy as it was, but not as it became.  I would be
>interested in knowing exactly what year the Buddhist Society
>became independent.

  Sorry for the delay, I had to dig into my files. The Buddhist Lodge was
founded in 1924 by Christmas Humphreys and Aileen Faulkner (his
future wife). It became independent as early as 1926. People that knew
him said that he remained an active theosophist to his death.
  An interesting point. I discussed this with a Nyingma buddhist, who did
not have a too high opinion of theosophy. He belonged to a red-cap line and
found it hard to digest one of HPB's favorite expressions  :-)

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