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Re: About semantics

Oct 17, 1996 02:45 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

Thanks, Bee, for a very interesting bit of information.
General Semantics is of interest to me because Gina Cerminara,
author of several books about Cayce most notably Many Mansions,
came to our first TS meeting in Tidewater Virginia in 1980 and
to several subsequent ones.  She also wrote about GS.

Since becoming an author I have learned the hard way the part
about people agreeing or disagreeing with themselves!  The most
striking impression of the negative and positive reactions my books have
gotten is that people are reacting not to the books themselves,
but to their own interpretations of them, and imagination about
the motives and intentions behind them.  Which makes me more
conscious of that trait in everyone, and of the need to always
remind myself that I really *don't* know what an author
intended or what her motives were, and shouldn't judge on the
basis of speculation on those things.


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