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Christmas Humphreys

Oct 15, 1996 00:52 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

>In UK Law today a conviction for murder results in a mandatory
>"life" sentence, which is usually about 15 years, (!?).  In
>Humphries' time the mandatory sentence was death by hanging -
>there was no other choice available to any judge.  Whether the
>reported instance is true is not something I can comment on, but
>if he was in the position of passing sentence of a some
>convicted of murder (guilty or not) he would have had no
>alternative but to have him hanged.

     In the American justice system, Judges may disqualify
themselves from hearing a case if there is a moral conflict of
interest involved.  I would be very surprised if the British
system does not have a similar rule.
     By the way, I understand that the average "life sentence"
for murder in the U.S. is fourteen years.

>Actually the Buddhist Lodge of the TS which was transformed into
>the  Buddhist Society (another unknown scandal perhaps?). In
>1923 he published an edition of the Mahatma Letters and remained
>a theosophist and a buddhist throughout his life (he died in the
>1970es or 1980es).
>  I discovered this suppressed fact by accidence and The
>Buddhist Society admitted it (I used to be a member). But the
>word theosophy vanished from there long ago (even when
>describing the life of CH). It is a strange experience to see
>history change before your very eyes, to see important facts and
>aspects simply disappear!.

Humphreys (that's the correct spelling everybody) drifted away
from Theosophical Society as it moved more an more towards
becoming a cult dedicated to the worship of Krishnamurti.  He was
one of the trustees of the Mahatma Letter Trust and remained
close to Theosophy as it was, but not as it became.  I would be
interested in knowing exactly what year the Buddhist Society
became independent.


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