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The Weekend and the Pledge

Oct 15, 1996 04:31 AM
by Sy Ginsburg

>Why was the meeting cancelled?  Gerda would have gone but she had fake
>masonry that weekend (and I had my house back to myself and after three
>afternnoons of orgies I was really tired!).


In reply to Chuck's query:

We simply did not have enough confirmed registrations to ask people, like
myself, to spend the money to travel long distances to attend the St. Louis
meeting.  Since the conference cancellation, numerous people like yourself have
inquired, and many have expressed disappointment;  several indicating they
intended to attend.  But we did not know that.  They made no motel reservation,
nor did they send in the $5 registration fee.  It is clear that a level of
interest exists, but insufficient to ask people to engage in travel expense for
such a conference.

So, we shall try to accomplish by mail, what we could not through a conference,
and have asked those Theosophical groups which have expressed interest to
consider the Pledge and if they agree,  to approve it and send their approval to
Carl Trauernicht, Chairman of board of the Theosophical Society of St. Louis.

If you know of any such interested Theosophical group, have them contact me by
email or Carl Trauernicht, Jr., 314 N. Broadway, Suite 1810, St. Louis, MO 63102
Tel: 314-421-0911


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