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Re: sexism

Oct 12, 1996 12:14 PM
by Bee Brown

At 09:18 AM 12/10/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Liesel writes-->
>>I really don't blame you & your coven for being angry, but please don't
>>threaten Maurice. He's just inexperienced & emotional enough to really get
>>hurt. we yell at each other but we don't hit. I think we'd all prefer to
>>keep it that way.
>Richard Ihle writes-->
>Thank you for this, Liesel.   I don't think the "rash spell" was meant
>seriously, but one never knows how someone else might take things.  If a
>blessing can work, perhaps so can a curse--perhaps especially if the person
>knows he or she is being cursed.
>Perhaps the best kind of witch would be one who casts a spell to ~take away~
>from the other person all rashes and maladies which might be causing him or
>her to have the erroneous ideas in the first place. . . .
>Richard Ihle
Good for you, Liesel. I see you all managed to get rid of Maurice. I am
sorry about that as I rather enjoyed his quaint Victorian manner of speech
and was still trying to decide if he was for real and if so what caused him
to speak in that manner. Preferable to witchi-poos sticking spikes in

Bee Brown
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