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Re: spiritual discrimination

Oct 12, 1996 12:49 PM
by Bee Brown

Ann wrote:
>I've learned a lot about the many Theosophical organization from being on
>this list, but most of all, I've learned the differences that separate
>them, almost to the point of it looking like different sects of one
>The Internet is educational in more ways than one can count.  In my
>relationships with the LCC and the TSA, there was no mention of any other
>independent churches or  Theosophical organizations.  Perhaps one way to
>beat the competition is to simply pretend it doesn't exist.  If your
>members don't know about anything else, they'll think your group is the
>only game in town.  God bless the Internet!

Ditto. We received the latest Theosophist yesterday from Adyar and I just
happened to read the standard blurb inside the front page and I got
confused. It seems that the Society subscribes to the saying, ' Do as I say,
not as I do.' Here is what I read.

As The Theosophical Society has spread far and wide over the world, and as
members of all religions have become members of it without surrendering the
special dogmas, teachings and beliefs of their respective faiths, it is
thought desirable to emphasize the fact that there is no doctrine, no
opinion, by whomsoever taught or held, that is in any way binding on any
member of the Society, none which any member is not free to accept or
reject. Approval of its three Objects is the sole condition of membership.
No teacher, or writer, from H.P. Blavatsky downwards, has any authority to
impose his teachings or opinions on members. Every member has an equal right
to attach himself to any school of thought which he may choose, but has no
right to force his choice on any other. Neither a candidate for may office
nor any voter, can be rendered ineligible to stand or to vote, because of
any opinion he may hold, or because of membership in any school of thought
to which he may belong. Opinions or beliefs neither bestow privileges nor
inflict penalties. The Members of the General Council earnestly request
every member of The Theosophical Society to maintain, defend and act upon
these fundamental principles of the Society, and also fearlessly to exercise
his own right of liberty of thought and of expression thereof, within the
limits of courtesy and consideration for others.

This is offical from the magazine from the horse's mouth. Perhaps we should
all have a copy pinned to our computers.

Bee Brown
Member Theosophy NZ, TI.

Success is getting what you want.
Happiness is liking what you get.

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