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Re: sexism

Oct 12, 1996 06:13 AM
by RIhle

Liesel writes-->
>I really don't blame you & your coven for being angry, but please don't
>threaten Maurice. He's just inexperienced & emotional enough to really get
>hurt. we yell at each other but we don't hit. I think we'd all prefer to
>keep it that way.

Richard Ihle writes-->
Thank you for this, Liesel.   I don't think the "rash spell" was meant
seriously, but one never knows how someone else might take things.  If a
blessing can work, perhaps so can a curse--perhaps especially if the person
knows he or she is being cursed.

Perhaps the best kind of witch would be one who casts a spell to ~take away~
from the other person all rashes and maladies which might be causing him or
her to have the erroneous ideas in the first place. . . .


Richard Ihle

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