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The Great Black and Blue Brotherhood

Oct 12, 1996 07:15 AM
by Drpsionic

Well, Chuckie really did it to himself this time.
While walking to a local restaurant yesterday I managed to slip and fall
squack on my less-than-sufficiently-padded dignity, thus producing a
spontaneous outburst of kundalini along with the embarrassment.
This has produced a state of enlightenment and now I not only have the Master
DK hiding in my linen closet but a housefull of divine beings, all of whom
are falling over each other trying to pay homage to me in Tibetan.  Not only
is the house now extremely crowded, but it is annoying the cats who are going
around attacking the divine beings, possibly under the illusion that they are
spiritual mice.
Never have been enlightened before, I find this all rather puzzling, so any
advice will be greatly appreciated.

Chuck the Enlightened Heretic

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