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Oct 12, 1996 01:44 AM
by Keith Price

Parallel Lives -Parallel Voices - Parallel Images - Traveling and
Supperimposting Dream Consciousness on Waking Consciousness

Still more of the difference between the VOICE OF THE SILENCE as spiritual
consciousness and guidance
The Voice of Addictions that cry out for unsatieable satisfaction of the
physical, emotional and mental
needs of the body.  And now an interesting look at the VOICES BEHIND THE WORLD
of TV, high fashion and
popular music.
I have glimpsed many strange altered states of  consciousness recently.  I
seem to slip into a waking reverie a lucid dream superimposed on  waking
reality.  It is like another world dropping in like subliminal flashes.  This
other world is a possible world, as in potential, but also a possible state of
mind as insanity I sometimes fear.  It takes the form of  noise from various
levels of the spectrum of consciousness that manifest as half hard radio and
TV chatter within chatter.  The announcers always seem amused, but I
rarely am.  It seems as if they are telling the truth or at least stating what
they really think as if they were a little drunk and making Freudian slips a
little too frequently.    I feel that I can see  meanings that are referring to
larger issues
They drift in and qwiff pop from the implicate world into the explicate world
of  normal sensations, perceptions and consciousness.

They bring horrible premonitions of a spiritual warfare taking place just
below the surface of everyday reality.  The premise is that many of us are
being possessed by strong egotistical desires to control manipulate and gain
power, but what we are doing  is selling our soul  a la Faust in a rather
stupid race for luxurious that we have more or less been told we want,
because we certainly don't need them -  diamonds, furs, jewels, designer
everything.  They seek to posses us and we allow ourselves to be possessed
by these desires to control, manipulate and gain power in a giant game of
Mexican standoff: I will make you talk to me and kiss my hand because I
have more glamour, wealth and prestige or power.   The energy used to
block love  and direct unconscious anger. can only compress and erupt
indirectly and forcefully like a volcano in other areas of life.

People are afraid to love, but try to build great glamorous smoke screens of
cosmetic beauty, designer clothes, and labels of control and power  -  the
Shekinah -  the designer label, the Star name, the  classy car, the surgerically

altered face, all without any underlying human or spiritual substance.

I have slipped into reveries and imaginary revelries that have confirmed like
St. Johns apocalyptic visions  of the end times, that in the after death state,
we will be faced with our unloosing, self-enclosed self-concerned mask and
our SARCASTIC shows of socialability and "in the know" type chat.  These
premontions are everywhere on
from "hip" stand up comedians constantly referring to suicide, the OJ trial,
murder, gangs, violence
 and political scandals as the stuff of comedy.  What ever happened to Charlie
Chaplin for laughs?

See the movie "READY TO WEAR" for a glimpse at the sick, sick, world of
high fashion with all of its chic empty clothes, and hateful "up to the minute"
slang which is as aggressive as a slap in the face.  This movie seemed to
reveal in a love-hate way the decadent morality and intrigue of the high
fashion big money world of status based on image - Shekinah the spirit of
guidance and comfort not as religious image, icon or symbol, but a as logo,
trademark, tradename.

The dead may walk again, and our masks come off to reveal the hideous
demons bubbling and screaming inside. It won't be pretty or all at once.  A
quick look at television shows a constant barrage of alien sightings,
grotesque fashion, in your face politics and trash TV beyond the satirical.
Who watches this mess?  Or worse still, who can escape it?  The surreal
imagery of computer morphing images like morphine has a strange
hallucinatory, hypnotic fascination so that if aliens did come tomorrow, who
would notice?  Or perhaps for some the masks will come off to reveal the
reborn, the spiritually purified . The masks holding back the golden light of
love, now freely shown forth what was not ready to wear yet.  A choice of
walking around as demonic nudes in a pop music trance (pret-a-porter) or
light as air  musical beings.

Follow the VOICE of FASHION
You hear it everywhere
Repent, the end is near!
Spent, ready to wear.

Follow the Voice of the Silence
The Invisible Guiding Presence
The image is more valuable than gold
The alchemist have foretold

It will not help to be well dressed
On the day of zuzzim
A life contracted within
Reveals the hidden Shekinah to Win

Keith Price

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