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Re: The Great Black and Blue Brotherhood

Oct 13, 1996 09:05 PM
by CDGertrude

> Well, Chuckie really did it to himself this time.
> While walking to a local restaurant yesterday I managed to slip and fall
> squack on my less-than-sufficiently-padded dignity, thus producing a
> spontaneous outburst of kundalini along with the embarrassment.
> This has produced a state of enlightenment and now I not only have the Master
> DK hiding in my linen closet but a housefull of divine beings, all of whom
> are falling over each other trying to pay homage to me in Tibetan.  Not only
> is the house now extremely crowded, but it is annoying the cats who are going
> around attacking the divine beings, possibly under the illusion that they are
> spiritual mice.
> Never have been enlightened before, I find this all rather puzzling, so any
> advice will be greatly appreciated.
> Chuck the Enlightened Heretic

I, who am already enlightened, have a few words of wisdom, Uncle Chuckie!
Tread softly, but carry a big stick!
Be *nice* to the cats!
Gertrude the Churchmouse is watching!

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