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RE: Christmas Humphries

Oct 11, 1996 01:49 AM
by Kim Poulsen

(on Cristmas Humphries)
>As to his background,. I quote from the jacket of Pelican book :
>by Christmas Humphries: "Interested in Buddhism at an early age, in 1924
he >founded the Buddhist Society, London, which is the oldest and largest
>Buddhist organisation in Europe.....

  Actually the Buddhist Lodge of the TS which was transformed into the
Buddhist Society (another unknown scandal perhaps?). In 1923 he published
an edition of the Mahatma Letters and remained a theosophist and a buddhist
throughout his life (he died in the 1970es or 1980es).
  I discovered this suppressed fact by accidence and The Buddhist Society
admitted it (I used to be a member). But the word theosophy vanished from
there long ago (even when describing the life of CH). It is a strange
experience to see history change before your very eyes, to see important
facts and aspects simply disappear!.


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