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Christmas Humphries

Oct 10, 1996 09:17 PM
by Michael

I wrote:
>I saw a  BBC-TV program some time ago on court cases in which the judge
>probably condemned a suspect erroneously to death.
>Among the judges who probably misjudged a suspect and sent him to the
>gallows was Christmas Humphries!

An interesting observation - do you want to elaborate on it?  Most
people on the list are probably aware that Christmas H. was a writer on
and promoter of Buddhism.  Is that your reason for this post.

Alan the slightly baffled.

Well, his name was dropped in one of the messages. It reminded me of this TV
As to his background,. I quote from the jacket of Pelican book : "Buddhism"
by Christmas Humphries:
"Interested in Buddhism at an early age, in 1924 he founded the Buddhist
Society, London, which is the oldest and largest Buddhist organisation in
Europe.....In 1945 he expressed the consensus of such doctrines in the now
famous "Twelve principles of Buddhism" which, already translated in fourteen
languages, are in process of being accepted as the basis of world Buddhism."
I believe that he was a Theosophist as well.
By profession, if one may call it so, he was a senior Prosecution Counsel at
the "Old Bailey" like his father before him and later judge.
If judge  Christmas Humphreys mentioned in the program was the same person
it strikes me as  ironical that a man with such high aspirations should
condemn wrongfully a man to death!

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