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the Path

Oct 09, 1996 04:59 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Those who claim that there is no such thing as the white path and the
>black path and that those are merely childish ideas, should realize
>that they instantly throw overboard the Ageless Wisdom.

	I believe that you mean me here.  Actually, you are
very wrong, and in several ways.  I never said that such Paths
did not exist.  They do.  In your mind.  If you want to tread
a White Path, then do so and I wish you well.  If you want to
tread the Black Path, then do so, and I wish you well.  I tread
a grey one, because I have learned about duality over the years
and prefer non-duality.  Black and White are like good and evil,
which are also just like spirit and matter--two sides of the same
coin or two polar ends of the very same thing. Separating them
in your mind guarantees that both will exist.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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