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Oct 09, 1996 05:04 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <Pine.OSF.3.90.961009095418.7290M->, Maxim Osinovsky <mosinovs@library.berkeley
.edu> writes
>Yes, it's quite possible that the Ageless Wisdom may get distorted by the
>minds of its transmitters.

It is quite possible and IMO 100% certain to occur in each and every
transmitter.  That does not make all transmissions 100% false or 100%
true.  I have read again some of my own "transmissions" of some years
ago and found errors which I can *now* see were caused by my own wishful
thinking interfering with the teaching I received (and still do).

So - discrimination is the very first virtue we need to acquire and
apply on our individual journeys.  And to discriminate means to ask
questions and challenge staements and assumptions.  Gradually, I have
found, we seem to get closer to the Truth, but as a *Christian* writer
circa 14th century said, we cannot complete the work in *this* world.

[The Cloud of Unknowing, Cap 1. - various publishers and editions].

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