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To Richard

Oct 09, 1996 04:51 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>AC's steps may have been right for him and whatever goal he had in
>mind; however, I am quite certain that for me stepping along in "Beast
>Motif" would not be so natural.  Anyway, I can't think of any up-front,
>jolly, unembarrassed way I could explain what I was doing to my mom or
>my son.

Me either.  Crowley's Path is not my path.  I am very eclectic
when it comes to paths.

>In another way of looking at it, perhaps there is neither the Right
>Road nor Wrong Road, but only ~The Road~ for each individual . . . and
>upon which merely right or wrong ~steps~ may be taken.	Right.  I am probably overreacting to the gushy stuff
that Maurice was putting out.  The problem is this:  by separating
evil from good, we create evil and maintain it.  Maurice and
others who seek after the White path of goodness don't realize
that in that very process they create and sustain the Black
path that they want so desparately to dissappear.  Every Path
has both good and evil along it, and thus every Path is grey.

> that is, that was worth the price that he may or may not have
>had to pay for it. 	We all have to ask ourselves this one, and face the answer
that is within us.  I do believe in karma, and Crowley, like everyone
else, created his share of it.

>Thus, if you know of any special power/attribute Crowley developed by
>means of his magic, or any clear, extraordinary instance of his Thelema
>("will"?) doing something which otherwise wouldn't have been possible,
>please let me know.	His special magical abilities show up in his works like
AHA, THE BOOK OF LIES, WISDOM & FOLLY and others.  In short, his
wisdom or Gnosis.  He clearly understood duality, for example,
which few, if any, theosophists seem to have mastered.  As far
as daily mundane stuff like fortune or money, his magic
was rather lacking (I have the same problem).

As usual, I enjoyed your post.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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