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Re: Unveiled Isis

Oct 09, 1996 07:24 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, "liesel f.
deutsch" <> writes
>it'd be more productive if you discussed something like the
>Sermon on the Mount, or the story with the loaves and fishes ... passages
>that can be applied to living today. At least that's my considered opinion.

Right.  IMO the story about the loaves and fishes is allegorical. There
are five loaves and two fishes.  The five loaves are the books of the
Law (Jesus was an Israelite). The two fishes are the two Covenants, the
Old and the New. (New "Testament" is considered by many, including me,
as a mis-translation).  The New Covenant is, again IMO, based upon the
New Covenant mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls literature (The "Damascus
Document) and connected with the Nazarene sect of which Jesus was a

In other words, the parable is telling his followers to study the Law,
and to obey both the Old and New Coventants with the God of Israel.  As
a Kabbalist, I see the Law and the Covenants as the spiritual Israel's
version of the "Ageless Wisdom" or whatever we choose to call it.
That's why I am also a theosophist.  Of course, all of this need a hell
of a lot of explanation and interpretation!


Alan :-)
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