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Unveiled Isis

Oct 08, 1996 05:02 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

To Jim Meier

R<Perhaps there are only three
>>of us on theos-l who are interested in primitive Christianity and
>>its origins.  Or, perhaps, there are only two or three of us on
>>theos-l who are interested in this subject *and* are not
>>threatened by a critical discussion of Christianity.

As for myself, the former applies. I'm not a Christian, and so I'm just not
interested in Christianity's early origins, Especially not to the extent
you've been discussing them on this list for the past few weeks. But then,
I'm not that interested in the roots of Theosophy either. I just can't see
that digging around in the past can be that constructive. It's an
interesting pass time, sometimes. But as far as having any practical
applications, I find it rather useless. I'd rather read about and write
about ideas I can use in my daily life.

I haven't said anything about your disccussions so far, because I think you
have a right to discuss whatever you want. I've just been passing it by. But
if you start challenging me with maybe I feel threatened by your learned,
critical discussions, I'll speak up & tell you "no way". But it seems to me
that instead of being critical and hacking around on long dead early
Christianity, it'd be more productive if you discussed something like the
Sermon on the Mount, or the story with the loaves and fishes ... passages
that can be applied to living today. At least that's my considered opinion.


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