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Re: Unveiled Isis

Oct 02, 1996 03:36 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Jerry Hejka-Ekins
<> writes
>Hi Abrantes
>Once again we seem to be going over and over the same principles
>already discussed in previous posts.

Dear Jerry,

I admire your perseverance in continuing to reply at length to Abrantes,
and no doubt many readers on theos-l will be grateful for you insights.
I am quite convinced that Abrantes, however, will not be one of them.
His entire purpose seems to be and attempt to discredit ISIS - which is
admittedly not perfect; but neither are his own sources! - and not to
engage in any genuine truth-seeking.

This is borne out to some extent that some of the arguments you bring to
the discussion are quite close to my own reasoning in "The Nazarenes"
(available on my web page, and which Abrantes has downloaded and read).

Readers will note that *independently* of HPB, and, for that matter, GRS
Mead ("Did Jesus live 100 BC?") I have reached some very similar
conclusions with the help of evidence that was not available to either
HPB or Mead.  The main one is that the historical Jesus of the Christian
tradition was a Nazarene, ie., a member and almost certainly a "master"
("Rabboni") or teacher in a Nazarene Israelite sect.

Exchanging quotes will not get anyone very far, and there is little
doubt in my mind - *as I have said to Abrantes on this list* - that he
will continue to try to support the Roman Catholic position -
evangelize, even - using the *excuse* of ISIS as his justification.

[Dismounts from soap box]

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