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Re: Maitreya

Oct 02, 1996 02:11 PM
by Maurice de Montaine

On 30 Sep 96 at 19:49 wrote:

>According to my information  Scottish painter Benjamin Creme
>announced that the new world teacher Maitreya  lives incognito
>amongst us. Creme was to make public on Friday, 14th May 1977 in Los
>Angeles in what country he resides. I haven't kept track about
>present excuses for failed predictions. Creme as far as I know makes
>public now and then pronouncements of the returned Christ. In Europe
>Benjamin Creme is quite well known. They have a page on internet in
>Holland and I am sure in many other countries as well. In Dutch
>newspapers Creme's ideas were linked to Theosophy.

     I attended a public lecture of Creme's out of curiosity at The
University of Tasmania several years ago. Benjamin Creme presented
the teachings himself. I found his presentation to be a compilation
of Theosophy, Alice A. Bailey's teachings and psychism. His teachings
from the latter are a load of bunkum. And it is my firm opinion that
the Maitreya he speaks of is indeed false. However, I leave others to
their own opinions.



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