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Re: THEOS-L digest 678

Oct 02, 1996 01:13 PM
by Robert Word

> Date: Tue, 1 Oct 1996 00:02:03 GMT
> From: "Einar Adalsteinsson & A.S.B." <>
> Subject: Re: Initiation: "monestary"
> Message-ID: <>
> At 04:07 30.09.1996 -0400, you wrote:
> John Straughn....
> >So, basically, I suppose I am a theosophist.  I only wish there was a wa=
> y to=20
> >join some "theosophic monestary" so that I could devote ALL my time to i=
> ts=20
> >study.
> >---
> >The Triaist
> >
> Einar:
> There is a "theosophic monestary" - and you are standing close to it.=20
> Like the real Church of Jesus Christ is ONLY within, so is every true
> monastery. To enter such monastery you only have to turn 180=B0 and look =
> (and
> eventually enter) within. Meditation is one door, service is another, and
> you don't have to leave the outer arena of life when you enter. Monastery
> life is simply a particular state of mind, more or less devoid of the
> personal I, and every religion has a set of instructions to its practice.
> There is one thing I'm pritty shure that doesn't belong to the "monestari=
> c
> mind", and that is the intellectual gymnastics of argumentation - the
> "Doctrine of the Mind". Study is OK, but the path within goes through the
> "Open Heart".=20
> Considering the Secret Doctrine, you should procede with care. (The "Secr=
> et"
> might be, that there is no "Doctrine"!!).
> Otherwise I wish you all the best on your journey.
> Einar Adalsteinsson,=20
> a prentice of the "theosophic monestary".

John Staugn, dear Brother, why did you project into incarnation in
a body of flesh, when the true Malkuth is already part of your
own consciousness?  Jesus, the Nazarene, a King of the Jews, once
said, "The Kingdom of my Father is spread across the Earth, but
men do not perceive it."  My dear Brother, I am a Bishop, and a
Gnostic Bishop, in the apostolic succession of our Lord Jesus Christ,
and I am now praying to the Father that he shall so bless your
consciousness continuum that you may yourself realize who you are,
and whence you came.

But now, John, since you have incarnated in a body of the flesh, let
us get on with the pragmatics.  There is indeed a monastary theosophical
in California, it is called "Halcyon", and it is quite famous.  You
could actually move there and become a monk.  I have not actually
been there myself, but I am quite sure that there be good folk about
who will kindly direct you to it.  I have heard good things about it,
even that some very interesting folk that I knew of yore are now there,
and that the whole project is directly guided by the Masters.  And
since I implicitly believe any good myth, unless contradicted by
any known facts, so do I believe this now as well.

Should you not be a U.S. citizen, this is only a minor problem.
Go to Acapolco, and get a ticket on the "underground express" that
will take you straight to a safe house in San Jose.  I believe they
offer limousine service.  Once in San Jose, ask for directions
to "Halcyon".

Go with God!
Robert Word

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