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Re: Initiation: "monestary"

Sep 30, 1996 05:02 PM
by Einar Adalsteinsson & A.S.B.

At 04:07 30.09.1996 -0400, you wrote:
John Straughn....
>So, basically, I suppose I am a theosophist.  I only wish there was a wa=
y to=20
>join some "theosophic monestary" so that I could devote ALL my time to i=
>The Triaist
There is a "theosophic monestary" - and you are standing close to it.=20
Like the real Church of Jesus Christ is ONLY within, so is every true
monastery. To enter such monastery you only have to turn 180=B0 and look =
eventually enter) within. Meditation is one door, service is another, and
you don't have to leave the outer arena of life when you enter. Monastery
life is simply a particular state of mind, more or less devoid of the
personal I, and every religion has a set of instructions to its practice.
There is one thing I'm pritty shure that doesn't belong to the "monestari=
mind", and that is the intellectual gymnastics of argumentation - the
"Doctrine of the Mind". Study is OK, but the path within goes through the
"Open Heart".=20

Considering the Secret Doctrine, you should procede with care. (The "Secr=
might be, that there is no "Doctrine"!!).

Otherwise I wish you all the best on your journey.

Einar Adalsteinsson,=20
a prentice of the "theosophic monestary".

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