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Re: THEOS-L digest 683

Oct 08, 1996 01:50 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <325A8A68.14F5@TIW.COM>, Robert Word <> writes
>I do not expect this type of discussion to make much sense to those who
>are intellectuals only, and who have never followed the initiatic way in

Wow!  As I challenged the statement you quoted, may I say that I for one
am not an "intellectual only" and I *have* followed the "initiatic" way
in practice.  I therefore understand that if I want to have my head in
the clouds (so to speak) it is crucial that I keep my feet on the ground
*at the same time.*

So - the discussion *does* make sense, and I argue that the statement
challenged is bad sense.  I still await the explanation asked for.
Nothing personal intended - I truly believe that there is no religion
higher than truth, and therefore seek clarification of statements made
from whoever makes them.  I can look up the statements of HPB, Annie
Besant et al with no difficulty.  If I want to know (say) *your* view
and interpretation, I have to ask you, not a book.

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