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Oct 06, 1996 04:35 PM
by Alan

In message <961006214316_74024.3352_BHT203-1@CompuServe.COM>, Keith
Price <74024.3352@CompuServe.COM> writes
>There are a lot of things happening to me that have nothing to do with
>theosophy, except I am trying to use a theosophical perspective in dealing with
>some very difficult life issues.  Either theosophy is applicable to daily living
>or it is an attempt to escape the reality of our lower vehciles by promising a
>hazy killing of our lower vehicles or maybe it is away to control them and
>MASTER them and put the lower in service of the HIGHER by the use of POWER, LOVE
>AND WILL.   You help me decide.

*Genuine* theosophy ("god-wisdom") is nothing if it is not applicable to
daily living.  The ancient Israelites knew this, and one can see from
reading theor wisdom-literature that they were concerned with how to act
for the better in the here and now.  The same is true of the "two-ways"
theology of some of the early Christians.

Many people/theosophists seem to favor this notion of a "hazy killing"
of our lower vehicles - the very vehicles which get us from place to
place in *this* world, not some airy-fairy "astral plane" of the

The lower are *already* in the service of the higher, otherwise we would
not be able to aspire to the higher in the first place.  Likewise, the
higher is in the service of the lower, otherwise there would be *no*
compassion, love, or "brotherhood" whatever.  Yet there certainly is
*some.*  Beggars on the steets of my home city get given money, more
often than not from those who are only a little better off than the
beggars - they have somewhere to live, that's the only difference.

True theosophy needs actions, not, as you note, money.  And actions are
performed by people who care about life.  To paraphrase the scripture,
"Whoever loveth wisdom loveth life; and they that seek her early shall
be filled with joy."

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